Last Lesson


LAST LESSON are a 5 piece band based in Warwickshire, featuring twin vocalists, Ruth (who also plays guitar)  and Amie (who also plays keyboards and sax). The rest of the band are Don (Guitar) Trev (Bass) and Andy (Drums) who all sing adding some close harmonies and detailed vocal arrangements that the band specialise on.

Formed in 2014 the band have many gigs under their belt, filling dance floors everywhere they go.

Covering music from Abba classics to modern day hits by Jessie J and Adelle come and see us play and be taught your LAST LESSON!!!

Upcoming gigs

Saturday 28th April 2018, From 9:00pm
    Royal Oak, 36 New Street, Kenilworth CV8 2EZ


Saturday 5th May 2018,  From 9:00pm
    Bedford Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5DY


Sunday 6th May 2018,  From 7:30pm to 11:30pm
    Bedworth Ex. Servicemen Club,Rye Piece Ringway,CV12 8JH
    Last Lesson & Friends, Fundraising Event For Andy,
    Who Has Multiple Sclerosis   Tickets: £7.00, Details Here


Monday 7th May 2018,  From 11:30am to  5:00pm
    We will be Playing and Supporting other Acts at
    Rugby’s Rotary Spring Fair, which takes place at
    the Whitehall Recreation Ground.


Saturday 16th June 2018,  From 9:00pm
    Albany Club, 10 Earlsdon St, Coventry, CV5 6EG


Friday 13th July 2018,  From 9:00pm
    Pomeroys, 48 Station Rd, Kenilworth, CV8 1JD


Tel: 07976 213127

Amie-RuthAmie-Ruth Sax

LL five

Last Lesson

Ruth Roberts: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Amie Boyd: Lead Vocals/Saxophone/Percussion/Keyboards
Andy Fletcher: Drums/Vocals
Don Wright: Guitar/Vocals
Trev Hawley: Bass/Vocals

We’re gonna teach you all you need to know!
To find out more, call 07976 213127

Or email and find us on Facebook



  1. JohnnyBFriendly · March 26, 2015

    Long time no see Don!….hope to catch a gig while here in-country….greetings from Los Angeles


    • Kev Moore · November 16, 2016

      Hi don long time no see . Hope you and family are well . Omg I thought I was the only one left playin . This is great . I’m not out Saturday so I’ll try and get up the Albany .


  2. Kev moore · March 9, 2017

    Hi don hope ya well
    Great to see ya still at it . So am I. I ll come and have class of pop when I can at one of your gigs . …. you can pay !!!


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